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Le Creuset
Balti Dish

Product Information

Le Creuset’s Balti Dish gives you the opportunity to travel the world in your kitchen by creating authentic and flavourful curries at home. Balti is a cooking method that traces its roots to northern Pakistan and is named after the cast iron dish in which it is traditionally made. Similar to Indian curries, Balti dishes typically include marinated meats, vegetables and spices. They are meant to be cooked quickly in the manner of a stir-fry, and any meat is usually used off the bone for time-saving purposes.

The food is cooked and served in the wok-like bowl, then shared among the table with naan, a flat bread similar to pita. Owing to its durable cast iron construction, the dish cooks food evenly and retains heat longer.

Le Creuset’s Balti Dish features a seamless concave cooking interior for stirring and tossing ingredients with ease. Conveniently, the black interior enamel requires no seasoning, so the dish is ready to cook in straight away. A flat base steadies the pan on the hob, while two generously sized handles assist with lifting and carrying. And because of its interesting and stylish shape, the Balti Dish is also perfect for serving from at the table.

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