Our following Terms and Conditions of Delivery and Payment shall be applicable to all commercial transactions and will apply exclusively. Our offers shall be subject to change without notice and the contract shall come into being when we receive order confirmation signed by the customer, but no later than when the customer takes receipt of the goods. In this case, the terms and conditions communicated to the customer shall apply.


Payment Terms:

The amount invoiced shall be paid in accordance with the payment terms recorded in the invoice. Non-payment of due invoices, allow us to declare all our claims immediately due and postpone all our obligations to the customer, and their orders will be cancelled for the loss ensuing from the partial payment as products have already been purchased by us.


Product Price:


The agreed prices will be inclusive of all taxes but exclusive of local postage and insurance charges unless otherwise stated on the terms in our website (applicable only in Malaysia). On the other hand, if anyone is ordering from outside of Malaysia, there will be additional charges, taxes, or customs duties in connection with delivery which shall be paid by the customer. If we generally reduce or increase our product prices, the altered prices shall apply to all the quantities yet to be purchased.


AzuraMart 3 Months and 6 Months Payment Plans:


AzuraMart provides payment in installation plans for the convenience of customers. The payment plans provided by Azura Mart comes with two options: 

1) Pay within 3 months payment plan (with NO FEES)
2) Pay within 6 months payment plan (FEES APPLY).

With initial deposit of Minimum 20% or more paid for the 3 months payment plan, you can pay the rest of the full order amount within 90 days after which we will dispatch your order. Similarly, with initial deposit of Minimum 20% or more paid for the 6 months payment plan, you can pay the rest of the full order amount within 180 days after which we will dispatch your order.
Please note that, for any order amount, you can follow any of the payment plans and once you make the minimum initial pay amount, you can make rest of the payment monthly or settle in full within the designated time period of 90 days or 180 days. We will dispatch your order once you settle your account balance in full. It must be noted that within the mentioned timeframe, you need to settle your payment, if you do not settle the payment within the selected timeframe or payment plan, your order will be cancelled and no refund will be provided. So, please make sure that you will be able to afford the product or product(s) for which you submit the initial payments for.


Hoolah and Grab Payment Plans:


Hoolah payment plan let you order your desired products in an instant with 3 monthly installments without additional interests or fees. Selecting this payment option is going to allow you to place your order instantly and the cost of your purchase are divided into 3 interest-free installments without any processing fees. Similarly, if you select the Grab payment plan, you can instantly place your order with 4 monthly interest-free installments. The advantage of this plan is that you will get more time to pay in smaller amounts to settle your order balance.


Online Banking, Card, and e-Wallet:


We take online payment through FPX which is a reliable internet based payment getaway that allows real-time payments for your online purchases using your savings/ current account or even cards. So, you can pay your full order balance using FPX. Besides, you can also pay for your orders through our card payment options with Visa and MasterCard. We additionally have e-Wallet payment options, from which you can select Boost/ CIMB/ Grabpay / TnG Fee.


Product Delivery:


Our delivery charges vary from region to region. For instance, we provide free postage to Peninsular (SM), but for Sabah and Sarawak (SS) and Labuan, there will be specific charges according to the quantity and weight of the products. If your order was from ready stock, we will dispatch your order within 2/3 working days after you have settled your payment in full. If your order was from UK stock or In Transit stock, you will have to wait until your order arrives in Malaysia. When your order is ready, you will receive an SMS or email notification about the arrival of your product. If you have any payment balance/ order dues remaining, you will need to settle the balance in full within agreed 90 days/ 180 days timeframe, so that we can package and send the product to your delivery address. After we receive your payment, we will dispatch your order. If you have already settled your order payment, you can ignore this message. Please note that, you will receive an SMS or email notification containing the Tracking Number after your order is dispatched.

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