Frequently asked questions

Information regarding your product is described when you click the specific product and it will redirect you into the product page where you can find the complete details of your desired product. Under the Product Description tab, you can see all the details.
You can start by clicking on a category name on the top side of the website. This shows all the products we have within that specific category. There is another way, for if you know what you are looking for, just type the name of the product or brand in our search bar at the top of the page and click the "Search" icon which will bring your search results.
AzuraMart sells 100% genuine and authentic products, we are sourcing all products directly from vendors or from authorized distributors/ suppliers, we do not sell any counterfeit or fake items. Generally, we offer new and unused branded products. The only exception is for B-Grade or Seconds items which are fully functioning products, but they did not pass through the manufacturer’s high standards of quality control but they are brand new and unused.
Information regarding all our products is described underneath the specific product in the Product Description tab, where you can find the complete details of your desired product.
There are no hidden costs or charges when you order from AzuraMart. All our costs are 100% visible throughout the end of the checkout process.
All our product prices are non-negotiable and prices mentioned for each product are their final sale cost. You will still find offers, best prices, and deals on varied products that we offer in our website from time to time.
The "Sign Up" button is at the very bottom of our website, by clicking on which you will be asked to provide few basic information for registration like name, email, or password. After you have provided the required information, click the "Register" button to finish the sign-up process. You will also receive email confirmation from AzuraMart upon sign-up. By creating an account, you'll be able to shop online and customize your online shopping experience. Click "My Account" to access your account settings.
Click "Login" from "My Account" on the bottom right side of our website. You will find "Forgot your Password” under the login form, so click the "Forgot your Password" button to get an email on your registered email account with instructions on password retrieval and how to set a new password.
Generally, all our products are in stock unless "Out of Stock" is indicated on the ordering page. If any product is found to be out of stock after your order is placed, we will notify you that the item will be canceled from your order and the remaining items shipped. For these "Out of Stock", we will issue you a refund or help select alternative products.
When a product runs "Out of Stock", we cannot guarantee the timetables of availability of that specific product from the manufacturers. Therefore, please check back regularly and when this product becomes available, so you will be able to add it to your shopping cart.
Product sizing varies between different brands and styles. Product size information can be found toward the bottom of product pricing in the ordering page. Unless specified, our sizing is mentioned in inches and is taken with the item lying flat.
No, there is not a minimum order amount for our branded products. However, please note that some promotions on our products will require minimum purchases.
You can order easily by using our online platform. When you find a product you wish to order, you can add it to cart, login and go through the ordering process. After the order is ready, you will receive an email acknowledgement containing the order reference number and details of your purchase. Order summary will always be stored to your account. Your order will be only dispatched upon receipt of full payment.
Once your payment is done and the order is being processed, there are no options to delete any item or cancel your order. Unless there is an error from our end where you have received faulty item(s) by mistake, we will make necessary arrangements to rectify your order and exchange your product if it meets our return and refund policy.
To make re-orders anytime, click the "reorder" button on any of previously made orders, after which the cart will open and you can change quantities or products. You can make a re-order anytime based on your previous orders with only couple of clicks. This will save time and effort as you do not need to go through all your past documents and emails. You will have easy access to all of your previous orders any time you want from your account.
Sign in to your account and go to "My Account", from where you can change all your contact information and update your delivery address as necessary. You can also change the shipping address during the checkout process if you need.
Anyone who's ever shopped online and had the purchase delivered to their doorstep knows how useful estimated time of arrival (ETA) is. Estimated time of arrival is the time on a particular date when your product or package is expected to arrive. Many factors can affect an ETA, making it important to bear in mind that arrival times are an estimate and not a guarantee. ETA may vary and delays can occur due to several external factors such as traffic congestion, navigation issues, weather conditions, types of roads, access points to location, lockdown, emergency situations, and other unforeseen circumstances. Hence, ETAs are not guaranteed as several issues may impact the delivery time of your order.
Delivery dates are not guaranteed in the event of courier service interruptions or failures caused by events beyond the control of AzuraMart. These interruptions may include, but are not limited to, delays caused by transportation system, shipping carrier, or processing of your order after its arrival on our Malaysia warehouse.
If you have question regarding our online store (ordering, account questions, technical questions, product pricing, shipping related issues, and defective merchandise to return to us), please contact through our email: Contact customer support by clicking on the WhatsApp button on the bottom right corner in our website, which will open tab containing the option to chat with our representatives.
Our Live Chat logo in the bottom right corner on the website may sometimes hinder you from selecting other options. In this case, simply hide this live chat WhatsApp logo by clicking the small arrow from beside "Need Help? Chat with us". To use it again, click on the small arrow again and the live chat WhatsApp option will reappear. Similarly, after you are done with live chat, you can click the cross button below to hide the live chat window.
If you want to share any product or suggest any product to your acquaintances, use social media links that you will find at the bottom of the "Add to Wishlist" button on the right.
For placing an order in the old-fashioned way offline, contact our Sales Team via WhatsApp messaging option, who will assist you in selecting your desired products and quantities that you wish to order.
We have few different kinds of Stock products that you can order from us. When you add a product to cart, you will find these options. For your clarification, these options are described in details. For instance, first, we have the "Ready Stock", which means that the product is located in Malaysia, and once payment is settled in full, we will just ship this order. Then, there is "In Transit Stock with ETA", which means that the product is on its way from UK to Malaysia and the arrival dates are estimated. After the arrival of this product in Malaysia, we will send you the product’s arrival notification via email/ SMS. Please note that for them, we may need additional 7 days to unpack the boxes and to find your order to package and ship it to you once you settle the payment in full. We have two kinds of UK stock: 1) First, there is stock with UK Flag + Box with ETA 90+ days, which means that the product is processed and boxed in our warehouse in UK and is waiting for carrier to be collected. Once this order is collected by the carrier, the 90+ days’ countdown will begin from the collection day. 2) Second, there is stock with UK Flag with ETA 90+ days which means that the product is in UK, but is NOT processed or boxed for carrier to be collected. Once this order is processed and boxed, the carrier will collect it, and 90+ days’ countdown will begin from the collection day. For both UK stocks, we will dispatch orders via UK carrier to Malaysia after you make full payment of your order. Note that, once your products arrive in Malaysia, we will notify you via email/ SMS. So, please always keep your email, phone, and delivery address updated. If any changes are made by you and you have not informed us about it, we will not be responsible for loss of your package/ failure attempt in order delivery.
After your order has arrived in our Malaysia warehouse and is ready, you will receive an email/ SMS notification regarding the arrival of your product. Meantime, if you have any payment balance/ order dues remaining, you will need to settle the balance in full within the agreed time frame, so that we can package and send the product to your delivery address. After we receive your payment, we will dispatch your product. If you have already settled your payment, please ignore this instruction. Please note that, once your order is dispatched, you will receive an email/ SMS notification containing the Tracking Number.
All pottery are manually inspected and only pieces which pass the highest standards are classified as first quality. An item is classified as SECONDS where there are minor defects or marginal faults to the finish. This fault is not structural, i.e. each piece will function as intended, is usable, and will not detract from the performance. Seconds items may have a scratch/line/mark through the back stamp or somewhere on the base of the item; this is done in order to differentiate between first quality and second quality. For this reason, we can offer Seconds items at an exceptionally less prices. Please note that, our Seconds iterms cannot be exchanged once they are sold.

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